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How to deliver stacked orders?

Stacked orders are 2 orders that come from the same restaurant to be delivered to 2 different customers. Delivering multiple orders from the same restaurants means that you can deliver more orders over time, be more productive and make more earnings. 

How are stacked orders different from regular orders?

Delivering stacked orders is as simple as delivering a regular order. The main differences are that:

1. You will see 2 order IDs to collect when you are at the restaurant

2. Once you collect the orders, the app will give you the address of the 1st customer. When you deliver the order to the 1st customer, the app will give you the address of the 2nd customer.


Frequently asked questions:

1. Will I get two orders from different restaurants? 

No, you will collect two orders from the same restaurant and will have to deliver them to two different customers. 

2. Will I be compensated for only one order? 

No, you will be compensated for both orders that you deliver. 

3. What should I do if I have any difficulties delivering a stacked order? 

As per any other order, contact the Customer Care team via the in-app rider chat option to get assistance.  

4. What should I do if I deliver the wrong food bag to a customer, in a stacked order?

Please be extra careful and always check that the order number reported on your app and on the food bag for the customer match, before delivering the stacked orders.

In the undesirable scenario that you end up giving the wrong order to a customer, contact the Customer Care team immediately via the in-app rider chat option to get assistance. 

5. I don’t understand how this feature works. What should I do? 

Please call the rider support line at +974 44196558 and they will explain to you how the feature works. 

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