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How to deliver medicines?

When at the pharmacy

  • Match the order ID to pick up the right package:
    Match the order number from your app with the pharmacy team before taking the order. 

  • Check (and protect) the package conditions: 
    -Make sure that the content of the order is properly packed and sealed. 
    -Drive carefully in order to avoid any damage to the item(s).
    -If the pharmacy is in a hospital, please wait for a representative to hand the order over to you outside the building. You can access the contact number of the pharmacy on your order page.

When at the customer's door

  • Check the customer’s Qatar ID:
    Please ask the customer to show you their Qatar ID. 
    Only hand over the order to the customer if the name on the customer’s Qatar ID matches with that in the app. 
    Note: If the customer’s name does not match, please contact customer care using live chat in the rider app. 

  • Report “Check” in the App:
    Please tap on the “thumbs down” icon after tapping ‘Complete delivery’. Scroll down and select “SOMETHING ELSE” and enter “Check”, tap submit.
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